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Our Skype Address:  chitechnology
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AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer

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For general Customer Support call +1 770 783 0563

More show rooms to come - in many languages !

For general customer support relating to the setup and use of the equipment, i.e., how to use your Chi Generators®, accessories, software and other equipment from us properly, please contact the distributor, from whom you purchased the device.  She or he has been trained to provide you with this support.  You can count on this support for as long as you own your equipment.  If, for any reason, the distributor from whom you purchased the device cannot provide you with the support you desired, have him contact us, so that we know your name, devices you acquired and other important information before we can give you support.

If you purchased directly from us, please contact Support Central: call 770 783 0563 (USA),
for live online visual contact, video-call us using skype: - chitechnology -
or call us on
live help online
or e-mail - and tell us what you want to know. 

Customer support is limited to instructions of how to use the machines and software properly, and your contact (distributor or sales person) has been trained to help you. 

Free customer support does not include counseling sessions for specific situations.  To deal with specific situations, please read the success strategies in the English manual, and you can download these manuals, also in languages other than English, from or see the corresponding videos in, and see specific broadcasts on, some of which are interactive live video (see schedules in You can also visit the

For extremely complex situations such as business consultations, you can also contact our
who can give you the support that you need for a fee.  Send an e-mail for such specific information.