In 1992, HSCTI started the full-scale marketing of orgone technology.  By now, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are beneficiaries of this extraordinary new technology
We are still accepting new resellers/associates!  This is a great opportunity for owners of HSCTI equipment.   You can do so part time or full time, as part of your store, word of mouth, slype and/or web sites.  For more details, e-mail  and tell us a bit more about yourself and ask us for our reseller guidelines or look at our web site
Additional opportunities:
(1) We always like new approaches in other languages,
any language!  You can be a top level Associate/Distributor in your country/language and we are providing you full online sales training (in English).  Webcam needed.
(2) Opportunity for Specialists: If you are a specialist in your field, such as meditation, motivational, yoga, business strategies and consulting, legal, autogenic training, fitness, weight loss, etc., you can make additional income this way.  Just contact us, and you can give seminars at, plus you can help others with your skills, which we can promote. 

In addition to this, you can market our equipment as a help to the special advice and training, which you are providing.  We can also provide training for persons, who want to become specialists in Advanced Feng Shui, Astro Dynamic Manifestation, Advanced Autogenic Training, Advanced Yoga, and much more.

For additional details, call 770 783 0563, or
e-mail us !!!, or
call skype:  skype address: chitechnology